This blog is set up for team work on the platform of WWF and its project on Water Conservation. The name of team is “Leopard”. And the purpose of this blog is to launch an awareness campaign.

Following is the Bio of team members.

1-Ali Rehman Khan

16711839_1495766753799386_855144653976842846_nAli Rehman is very passionate energetic , debate loving person. He is also member of youth parliament. He is a computer science student and professional designer. He is a vital member of this team.

2- Mashiat Shinas


I am a student of Development Studies at CIIT Abbottabad. As a development practitioner, my job is to explain and make the processes that surround us either Environment, economics or politics, easy for people to understand and make their life better.


3- Sardar Faizan Sultan

15135751_1796670600549658_2103376800631881887_n Faizan is very enthusiastic ,social, interactive person. He loves helping people and guiding them. He is also a Development practitioner at CIIT Abbottabad. He is very interactive person and always there to help.

4-Zeenia Zakhaar

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I am Saba Iltaf,, I just took admission in MS in Conflict Peace and Developmental Studies in comsats atd,, before that I did my masters in psychology from international islamic university Islamabad. I am obliged to be a part of such a great team, in shaa ALLAH we togathar would shine like a brightest star at the end of this internship programme