WHY DO WE NEED WATER?? Simple question though!

We all need water because it’s the basic need of every human.
Secretary-General Kofi Annan on World Water Day said and i quote,
“Access to safe water is a fundamental human need and, therefore, a basic human right.”

The alarming condition of clean drinking water is a real challenge that not only pakistan
but also the whole world is dealing with. The emerging worldwide water shortage is serious.
Throughout the world, more than a billion people do not have access to safe drinking water
because the increasing population of the world has lowered the level of ground water
alarmingly, particularly in the densely populated parts of the world.

Pakistan was a water rich country just a few decades ago;
however, a recent World Bank Report mentioned that Pakistan is now among the 17 countries
that are currently facing water shortage.

Water is a key player that controls almost the whole body and it also controls the diseases
that are spread when adequate water is not available.
Because of the lack of clean drinking water, children are especially vulnerable to
water-borne diseases. Some of these diseases can have long term effects on physical,
mental and educational development of children. Diarrheal infections kill 2 million every
year. Unhygienic practices coupled with impure water usage cause a number of diseases. It
adds more difficulties due to resultant high costing treatment for water-based illnesses.

According to the U.N., a child dies from a water related disease every 15 seconds.

We need to understand the urgency of the situation as time is short and a lot needs
to be done in this regard. An equal responsibility lies on all of us at individual and
collective level to conserve as much water as we can.
Many of the social work organizations are working on sustainabale use of water. we also need
to play our part actively in this regard.

Few of the ways to be water smart are:
* take shorter showers.
* water your yard and outdoor plants early or late in the day to reduce evaporation.
* use plants that require less water.
* install new toilets that use less than 1.6 gallons per flush.
* turn off the water taps while soaping hands and brushing teeth.
* use low flow shower head.
* use brooms not a hose, to clean driveways and walkways.

All in all, water conservation is our moral and ethical responsibility as when we waste
water we deprive others of their right to use that water for fulfilling their basic
necessities. Water is indeed a gift of life and having an easy access to clean and safe
drinking water is an indispensable human right.
So the next time think before wasting water. Save water! the world is in our hands.


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