know what’s under your feet

Since our childhood, we have been listening and burning it into our minds, one of the most important sayings of prophet Muhammad (S.A.W), “Cleanliness is the half faith”. Since then we are trying to clean and keep pure our belongings and ourselves in a very keen manner. We keep our clothes clean and pure, our home, and even our minds. We tried to follow the sayings of our prophet like true followers. Nevertheless, the one question that we all neglected, “the things we’re trying to keep pure and clean, where have they come from?”

Have we ever tried to question the clothes that we wear, the food we eat, the houses we live in, and everything that was ever possible for the planet that we invented, and the industrial sectors of economy. In addition, the “Man being the God highest form creation and the most beautiful creation”, and the things we use to keep its dignity, have come from? Did anybody ever ask we pay to shopkeeper, corporate pay us, industries pay chain suppliers, transports are paid, but one thing that nobody ever pay is “Nature” and its resources.

If we ask ourselves right now the questions, ‘Are we thieves?’, ‘Are we in debt?’, ‘Are we responsible for the bad spells of weather, the disasters?’, and the most important ‘Are we responsible for any of thing that we think shouldn’t be there?’. None of us will answer in affirmation. We are one responsible to find answer to these questions. Nobody should ever find it for us. We are one having all of those luxuries and one thing we all must know that nothings comes free, somebody has to pay cost.

Let me give you a visualization of the state we are living in. See it in your mind the place, the city, the house you are living in. Now imagine everything you consume, the food in the kitchen, the accessories in the bathe, and all of your favorite things. Now ask yourself, where do the remains of human activity go? To under the surface of earth or open in the field? Than listen to earth saying, “I can’t filter all the waste you’re throwing into me; I’ve been doing so for your whole history, my boundaries and abilities to accumulate the waste and to filter it for you, have been stretched to the point where I can no longer do my job. Please help me help me in doing so”


Can you imagine you are standing on the surface of the earth and right beneath your foot is crust full of garbage, waste, filth, wherever you dig you will find every resources inside earth combined with filth? How can we ever live like this , our drinking water is combined with the waste of human activity and in return that fuel all agricultural growth and the water we drink. Do not forget water is the fuel of everything that we can have to sustain life.

Now we no more live in the world where once resources were considered to be unlimited. Now these are the good questions to ask that what will the planet will look like in next decades. Also ask the question what was it like to live in this world 100 years and what will it be like in next century.

Now that was the science combined with fascination for better understanding. The things that I have learnt from my studies, my admiration for nature, and the scientific research. In the end, I would suggest that you study and understand about our environment, for yourself, not for anybody else. And I guarantee you your life will turn into whole of a new.

Review me in the contact section; comment down there let me know what you are thinking. Share your ideas how we can combine science, art and philosophy to make things fascinating to make people think.

Thank you.


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